Full containment of your product in a flexible packaging solution – Our Continuous Liner System ticks all the boxes

The Continuous Liner System from Dec Group gives reliable and cost effective flexible packaging of your powder products in a manner to protect product, operator and environment. Used in conjunction with our SafeSeal crimping/cutting method the system can achieve OEB level 5 containment.


Dec Group can offer the complete flexible packaging system for contained powder pack off




Main benefits of the Continuous Liner

  • Unique folding method – no gathers or creases
  • Reduced height cassettes with long lengths of liner
  • Individually packaged for cleanliness
  • Available in three grades to suit different hygiene requirements
  • Various configurations of thickness, height and diameter
  • Heat Sealable
  • Retrofittable to existing stations
  • Flat pack gives minimum storage space requirement

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Continuous Liner System (CLS)

The packing of dry ingredients in bags has been a containment ‘Achilles Heel’ for many years. Traditional bags, whilst easy to use, simply don’t offer anywhere near the levels of containment and cleanliness that industry requires and expects today. Now, with the application of a continuous liner solution coupled to our SafeSeal closure/cut crimping method, these issues can finally be addressed in an ergonomic and cost effective manner.

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