Sealing Bags and Liners in a contained manner has never been simpler than with the SafeSeal System

The SafeSeal crimping system from Dec Group is a simple, cost effective way to seal your product in both bags and continuous liners. The system can achieve OEB level 5 containment for product removal from your process equipment.


Dec Group can offer this ideal solution for closure of your flexible packaging.




Main benefits of the SafeSeal system

  • Easy Handling
  • Safe Crimping Tools
  • Can be used on most types of liner or bag
  • Low initial cost compared to heat sealing alternatives
  • High containment levels achieved
  • Removable with tool, cutting of bag not necessary
  • Three sizes to suit most liner types
  • Stainless Steel upgrade available for Tools

Discuss your requirements

SafeSeal System

One of the challenges for industry during production is the transfer of dry ingredients between processes. Where a direct transfer to the next phase is not practical, Dec can offer a range of solutions for single bags, continuous liners and transfer bags.  However, the key component for success with any such system is the method of closure (crimping) employed.  The most common cable tie approach leaves a lot to be desired and this is where the SafeSeal System excels.

This versatile and easy to use system both seals and cuts in one simple process. Call us today to arrange an on site demonstration and see for yourself how this system can simplify your applications.