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As a world leader in process technology IKA also offer a comprehensive range of milling and de-agglomerating equipment to suit a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paints and chemical all the way from research and development through to full production.


World leader in mixing technology now offers class leading dry milling systems




Two systems – One partner

Conika features:

  • De-agglomeration & particle size reduction
  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • Adjustable spacing between rotor and sieve
  • Three sizes to cover wide throughput range

Pilotina features:

  • Ease of operation
  • Reproducible product quality
  • Easy change between mill types
  • Safe

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Our Dry Milling Products

Dry milling with IKA mills is a safe, efficient way to grind and de-agglomerate materials. As the leading experts in process technology, IKA isn’t limited to smaller particle sizes for grinding. A narrower particle size distribution and homogeneity of the material or sample are also acheived.

The IKA CONIKA conical sieve mill offers the option of de-agglomerating dry raw material before processing, which ensures a problem-free production process. Furthermore, the CONIKA enables the rework of a product that has already been milled and also allows for another process step such as packaging. Regardless of industry, the CONIKA can be integrated into a system or used as a stand-alone system.

Even for products with volumes in the range of a few liters or products with extreme hardness requirements, IKA has the solution for you. The IKA Pilotina is a pilot-sized dry mill that is available as a cutting or impact mill. For applications requiring a wide spectrum of products, we recommend the Pilotina MU: a speed-regulated universal mill that can be equipped with both standard tools or with a cutting mill tool.


The CONIKA conical sieve mill is the ideal solution for breaking up agglomerates and for grinding the solid material for your process. It mills different raw materials in a wide variety of grain sizes.

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IKA Pilotina MC

The dry mill IKA Pilotina MC is the ideal choice for disintegration of smooth, sticky, elastic or fibrous materials such as parts of plants, plastics, food pellets and many more.

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